Viridis Graduate Institute Alumni Association

Mission of VGIAA

Viridis Graduate Institute Alumni Association promotes the field of ecopsychology through supporting VGI graduates and students and furthering the mission of VGI. Confronting destructive narratives that disrupt the relational nature of humans and the ecological world, and imagining new ways of seeing, requires multiple levels of support through the academic community. As a body of ecopsychology scholars, teachers, and practitioners, VGIAA seeks to nourish the soil and soul of the school community and contribute to the wider field of ecopsychology.



VGI grad, Dr. Michael Peterson hikes the PCT, raising ecopsychological awareness and funds for VGI. 

What Alumni Are Doing

Pippa Grange (Doctoral candidate at VGI)  interview with Brene Brown

Jennifer Katz (Doctoral Candidate at VGI) a selected Panelist for the 2021 Fates and Graces Mythologium Conference.

Dr. Laura Laura (Graduate of Viridis D.A. program and a faculty member) is the Events & Education Coordinator Black Swamp Conservancy, as well as co-founder of Taproot: A Source, an online community that fosters healthy engagement with ourselves, each other, and our world. 

Dr. Laura Rodriguez created a series of videos about Ecopsychology & Land Conservation presented by Wood County Park District (WCPD) and sponsored by Black Swamp Conservancy and Taproot: A Source.



How Alumni Use Their Education

I have found my doctorate from Viridis to be essential in my day to day job as the Vice President of a graduate school. To contextualize human social systems, such as business, within and dependent upon the broader ecological world, decision-making must consider short term tactical goals and actions with a long-term strategic sense that goes well beyond economics and unlimited growth. Because life itself is based on relationships, an education in ecopsychology makes one aware that the quality of all relationships - with oneself, other humans, non-humans and the ecological world are of great importance. - Dr. A. Vermeer

As a graduate of Viridis Graduate Institute, my ecopsychology education continues to feed my curiosity for, and devotion to, connecting humans with nature in my daily life: personally, relationally, and professionally. - Dr. A. Daunhauer

Ecopsychology informs every aspect of the work I do as a VGI faculty member teaching Biogeography: Humans & Landscapes; as the Events & Education Coordinator for Black Swamp Conservancy, a land restoration and conservation non-profit; and as co-founder of Taproot: A Source, an online community which fosters healthy engagement with ourselves, each other, and our world.  Dr. L. Rodriguez