Ecopsychology Intensive Course


In every walk with nature one receives far more than they seek. - John Muir


Ecological psychology (ecopsychology) is a 10-week course that provides a basic overview of the ecological and psychological processes including energy, diversity, waste (ecological and psychological composting), change, and relationship.

The course offers an educative approach to understanding the same ecological processes that affect planetary narratives and behavior affect human narratives and behavior. 

An ecopsychology exploration activates attention, widens perceptivity, cultivates senses, and promotes responsibility to the fibers of ethicality and justice that compose the world.

Our aim is for participants to explore some practical and effective ways to reconfigure narratives, thereby transforming behavior.

These skills support individuals, communities, and organizations in becoming accountable and responsible for the narratives, behaviors, and practices enacted in the world.

Ecopsychology Intensive programs are designed for a cross-section of audiences.

• Citizens wanting to gain an ecopsychological literacy for personal growth.

• Business leaders and corporate managers seeking a time-proven, innovative, and narrative-changing education to enhance and advance professional development in the areas of corporate sustainability, ethics, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

• Educators and coaches who wish to teach or directly apply ecopsychology processes in the classroom, individual and organizational coaching and consulting practices.

• Health care professionals, including clinicians, therapists, social workers, environmental grief counselors, and environmental first responders.

• Environmental and social activists and community leaders.

• Civic and governmental agency executives and managers.



Ecopsychology Intensive 

10 Week Course

Dates: April 21 - June 23, 2022 (Thursdays)

Time: 12 - 2 pm Pacific Time.

Venue: ONLINE via Zoom 

Fee: $1200


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Ecopsychology Intensive Fee


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Student Testimonials

"Thank you so much for the Ecopsychology Intensive! It was beyond what I ever expected. I particularly appreciated what we learned about diversity and energy within the context of ecopsychology. You are a dedicated educator with a commitment and talent to move thought and provide paradigms for students that is / will help heal the world. "  -With gratitude, Bridget

"Thank you, Lori, for offering such a wonderful course in ecopsychology. I have thoroughly enjoyed the new perspective on life (and death!)." -Thank you, Sue

"I took part in the  Ecopsychology Intensive that was offered online last year and I have to say that it really gave me an appreciation for what ecopsychology is all about.  The lectures were very interesting, as were the additional readings offered each week...but it was the practical aspect of the course, that I really got the most from.  I highly recommend doing it. We were given weekly journal questions to answer.  These were responded to by Lori Pye and sent back with more questions to consider.  It was from this exercise that I really understood the value of ecopsychology on a personal level.  From this experience, I now understand how powerful it can be, and how it could be most helpful for others as well.  I was interested in ecopsychology before beginning the course, but I am now committed to including it as I move forward in my professional life."   -Thank you! Antonella - Canada

Wanting to find deeper meaning in my life and work, I had been looking for an ecopsychological community with a heart for removing barriers of communication within and between the individual and the soul of the world.  I found that through the Intensive Program at Viridis I learned and practiced a profound, creative, and empathic way of seeing my interconnectedness with all of life.  I also appreciated the live online video classroom because it too was a conscious effort to remove barriers of communication among the students and with the professor.  Overall, the program is a modern, relevant, and practical program that has empowered me to change, grow, and lead with confidence.   -Lynn, North Carolina

I participated in the Intensive course and frankly, it has changed my aspirations for my future, and the hope I hold for the future of mankind and our planet. That may sound dramatic, but so is the understanding that the eco-psychological perspective can bring. As a psychologist working with organizational culture, I thought I already held a psychological view of the world, but the lens of environmental humanities in conjunction with depth psychology is extraordinary; optimistic, raw, challenging, and inspiring. I am so glad Viridis Institute is forging a path for the future, a path I will continue to walk. - Pippa, AU

It was an honor to be a part of the VGI community as part of the Intensive course. Viridis is doing such important work for individuals, communities and the planet. My experience was educational, empowering and inspiring. Thanks to the brilliant leadership of Lori, and the engaged participation of students, this experience was enormously rewarding and enriching. I couldn't be more grateful.-Dennis, Maine.

At slide 12 of this week's lecture I had to press pause and write to you. THANK YOU, that you are speaking these great ideas, that you are calling us to action, and pointing the way. I am in tears, your insights move me so. And I couldn't agree more. Your words point to the first truly hopeful direction I have encountered since beginning my deep dive into Ecopsychology. It is a huge hard task but doing it together will make it easier, once we overcome our fear, our need to protect our individual vulnerable, rather shattered and fragmented interiors. All I can say is thank you - over and over. I feel so much gratitude that you are here now, doing this work, having these insights and that I was blessed with the amazing fortune of finding Viridis and signing up for this course!" – Laurie, CO.


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