Tech Requirements

Technology Requirements

In order to fulfill the requirements of Viridis Graduate Institute course curriculum all students are expected to have or have access to:

1) A personal computer;

2) Keep a VGI Gmail student e-mail account; 3) Have an appropriately working web camera for class meetings;

4) A headset with microphone is REQUIRED for online classes;

5) Reliable Internet connection for online classes (preferably hardwired / Ethernet connections for online class meetings).


ZOOM Technology

Viridis Graduate Institute utilizes ZOOM Meeting for all of our live real-time classes. This is a very user-friendly technology for students to join classes each week. Students are required to participate via computer, laptop, or iPad for all classes. In case of an emergency and Internet access is lost, students may join via TELEPHONE or iPhone.

The student receives an email invitation to JOIN the course and you follow directions to open Zoom. Training is provided at the Student Orientation Meeting.

We have provided a few short instruction videos to help orient you to ZOOM. Each short video will walk you through the JOIN process as well as making sure your audio and video are configured correctly.

Please take the time to view the videos to make for an exceptional educational experience.

How to Join a Meeting

Joining & Configuring Audio & Video

Audio and Video controls: How to Access Video and Audio Settings

Joining a Meeting with Zoom on an iPad

Joining a Meeting with Zoom on an iPhone – in case of emergency and you cannot access the Internet.


VGI Learning Management System (LMS): POPULI (

Personal Login information is sent to each student once the enrollment process is complete.

Once you are logged in POPULI, go to MY COURSES and you will see all the courses you are enrolled in for the quarter. These are automatically set up for students each quarter.

All course materials, lectures, videos, readings, weekly instructions and assignments are on POPULI.


1. Go To VGI website.

2. Click on POPULI.

Login with your personal Username (firstname.lastname) and Password (sent to you by email).

3. Under "My Courses" you will see your course(s) for the quarter.

Student Gmail Account

In order to help protect student privacy, all students receive a VGI Gmail account to be used while enrolled with Viridis.

The VGI Gmail is a Google account. Please set up as you would a regular Gmail account in

In Gmail - click Add Another Account and create with the VGI Username and Password sent to you by VGI.

VGI emails : first name.last

Please notify the Office of the Registrar with any questions: